Upcoming OBW Construction

Week of May 27, 2019

Addition Work *

  • Cutting of column gussets and weld supports at the terrace will continue to take place. Expect L1 and occasional L2 noise in BookBub at terrace window area.
  • Prep for the placement on the east side terrace topping slab will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 28th and 29th  followed by placement and finishing work. Expect L1 noise in BookBub.
  • Demolition of concrete shafts will continue on level 4 in the MEP space next week during early hours of 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM and will be monitored beyond. Expect L2 noise in BookBub.
  • Framing will be installed at the mechanical doghouse at the annex roof Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Expect L1 to L2 noise in BookBub.
  • Demolition of the concrete slab on level one at egress stairs will take place.
  • Metal panel installation for the first floor canopy panel will continue.
  • On Thursday night on second shift the temp wall on level 5 of the annex will be removed. Crews will continue to work on Friday second shift and on Saturday, June 1st.
  • Two sections of steel will be installed at the mechanical doghouse on Saturday, June 1st.
  • The headhouse Stairwell 3 interior work may continue with installation of fire alarm wiring and the sprinkler system.
  • The headhouse Stairwell 3 exterior panel work may continue.

Lobby and Elevator

  • Miscellaneous finish work will continue.
  • Office elevator installation continues to the 2nd floor new offices.

165 Main Street Construction Site (former Surface Parking Lot)

  • Emergency egress from Stair 3 is through the garage, where the garage doors will automatically open in the event of an emergency. Please follow signage.
  • Receiving area of the loading dock concrete continues be prepped and placed.
  • Waterproofing will continue to be installed.
  • CMU wall installation will take place.
  • Plumbing installation will occur.

Liner Retail Building at Broad Canal Street

  • Roofing work continues.
  • Concrete ramp placements will occur.
  • Louver installation is ongoing.
  • Landscaping work will take place.

Basement and Sidewalk on Third Street

  • Waterproofing will continue for the next couple of weeks on a section of sidewalk. Asphalt-type odor may be noticeable at the sidewalk level.
  • Miscellaneous work and outfitting work for the market and restaurant is underway.

Brothers Market

  • Brothers Market outfitting is underway.
  • A crane will be on the street at One Broadway as crews lift air handlers onto the roof and equipment into the basement.

Shy Bird Restaurant on First Floor Corner of Third Street and Broadway

  • Shy Bird continues to outfit their space.

* Please note, much of the roof and terrace work will be performed weather permitting. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience!