Upcoming OBW Construction

Week of October 14, 2019

Addition Work *

  • The drain insert and pavers on the roof at the terrace access near Venture Café will be will be installed into next week. L1 noise is expected in the 5th floor annex.
  • Panels continue to be installed on the walls of the mechanical headhouse on the annex roof. L1 with occasional L2 noise is expected in the 5th floor annex.
  • Louver installation and related work will take place next to the lobby between the tower next week. Visual impacts near the lobby will occur.
  • Waterproofing roofing will be installed on the southern terrace deck. An asphalt odor may be detected on the 5th floor annex.
  • A cap and lighting will continue through Saturday, October 12th and glass rail will be installed at the knee wall next week.  L1 noise is expected in the 5th floor annex.
  • Metal panels and lighting will be installed along the roofline on the terrace. L1 with occasional L2 noise is expected in the 5th floor annex.
  • Metal column wraps will be installed at the columns on the terrace along the window line. L1 with occasional L2 noise is expected in the 5th floor annex.

Lobby, Elevator and Garage area near Third Street

  • Bollards in a couple of areas will be installed early morning on the first floor of the garage early mornings mid-to-late next week.
  • Elevator finish work will take place early mornings.
  • Early morning lobby finishing work will continue.
  • Punchlist work in lobby will take place.

165 Main Street Construction Site (former Surface Parking Lot)

  • Emergency egress from Stair 3 is through the garage, where the garage doors will automatically open in the event of an emergency. Please follow signage.
  • Overhead protection will be installed at sidewalk.
  • Finishing work at the loading dock and corridor are ongoing.
  • Backfilling and installation of a sub-slab vent system will take place
  • Punch-list items continue.

Liner Retail Building at Broad Canal Street

  • Wood sidewalk, benches and planter installation continues.
  • Plantings will be installed along Broad Canal.
  • Lighting and bench installations will take place.
  • East elevation granite base and metal panel install.

Basement and Sidewalk on Main Street

  • Equipment installation and outfitting work for the market continues.

Brothers Market

  • Brothers Market outfitting continues.
  • Plumbing work at the garage and through generator shaft early mornings. Expect L1 and L2 noise in the 5th floor annex.
  • Duct insulation on roof in the next couple of weeks. Expect L1 noise in the 5th floor annex.

* Please note, much of the roof and terrace work will be performed weather permitting.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience!